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Chairman Yan Hao met with Mayor of Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

         On March 16, Chairman Yan Hao met with Bai Songtao, Mayor of Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and the two parties exchanged views on further deepening cooperation. Wang Wei, Deputy Mayor of Yulin City, attended the meeting.
         Yan Hao said that during the most prosperous 30 years in the real estate industry, Pacific Construction has never sold a real estate property. We have always focused on infrastructure investment, construction, operation and management as its core industries, and resonated corporate development with national strategies at the same frequency. As an enterprise that only deals with the government, we are never eager for quick success. Where there is room for long-term development, we will take root as a local enterprise. Guangxi is a strategic market for Pacific Construction's key investment. Since the signing of a 450 billion yuan investment cooperation agreement with the autonomous region government in 2017, we have adhered to the market rather than officialdom, the law rather than power, and have implemented more than 200 projects in 14 cities and more than 70 counties in Guangxi. In the cooperation with governments at all levels in Guangxi, we have always implemented the government's development strategy in the spirit of contract, acted as the "gold medal winner" for the government, and exchanged absolute integrity for the full trust of the partner government.
        We know that only by making real contributions to the local area can we achieve a win-win development with the local government in the longer term. With the establishment of the headquarters of Pacific Two-Bay Construction Group in Yulin and the relocation of the general contracting first-class qualified entity enterprises to Yulin, we have kept GDP and tax revenue in the local area. While expanding the company's reputation and influence, we also fulfilled its solemn commitment to the government and gained unanimous approval from the government and the people.
      Yan Hao said that the smooth development of the Group's work in Yulin is due to the high-quality development platform and business environment provided by the Yulin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The two parties have established camaraderie in the long-term cooperation. Clothes are better new, but friends are better old. We feel the confidence, responsibility, and obligation to make more contributions to the high-quality development of Yulin. Next, I am willing to closely follow the steps of the "14th Five-Year" plan of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, continue to take root in Yulin, give full play to the superposition of "resources, wisdom, capital" of the world's top 500 enterprises, accelerate the innovation of cooperation models, truly think what the government thinks, be anxious for the government's urgency, do good things better, and do troublesome things to perfection, and go all out to contribute to the next development of Yulin.
        Bai Songtao said that from Yulin City to various counties and districts, from Yuchai Industrial Park, Longtan Industrial Park to Baiping Industrial Park, the 30 billion yuan strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two parties in 2018 has been actively promoted and implemented. The Yulin government thanked Pacific Construction for its positive contribution to Yulin's economic and social development. At present, Yulin City is speeding up the construction of the "Four Strong, Two Districts, One Beautiful" and Two Bay Pilot Zones, and the development space is quite broad. It is believed that the future cooperation between the two parties will be very promising. Hopefully the two parties will further strengthen exchanges, actively expand cooperation fields, innovate cooperation models, and allow more projects to be implemented in Yulin. The Yulin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have the confidence and determination to continue to create a good environment for enterprises to cultivate Yulin, provide high-quality services, and work together to build a more beautiful Yulin.
       Song Shaoting, President of Pacific Construction and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Future City Group, Qian Binghui, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Two-Bay Construction, Liu Junlan, Region President of Pacific Construction and Chairman of Board of Directors of Northwest Construction, Li Zulong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Two-Bay Construction Seven Group, Liu Feifan, Assistant to the President of Pacific Construction, Chen Guangyue, Regional President of Two-Bay Construction Seven Group; Pang Bangjin, Deputy Secretary of the Luchuan County Party Committee and County Mayor, Zhou Yinzhang, Deputy Secretary of the Bobai County Party Committee and County Mayor, Huang Cong, Director of the Management Committee of Yudong New Area, Liu Jiaqiang, Director of Yulin Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Lu Zhen, Deputy Director of Yuchai Industrial Park Management Committee, Wang Li, Deputy Secretary of the Longtan Industrial Park Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee participated in the meeting. (Text/Picture TwoConstruction Cultural Center)
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