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Chairman Yan Hao met with Secretary of the Chaozhou Municipal Committee of Guangdong Province
      On February 17, Chairman Yan Hao met with He Xiaojun, Secretary of the Chaozhou Municipal Party Committee of Guangdong Province, and the two parties exchanged views on deepening cooperation.
       Yan Hao introduced the latest development of Pacific Construction and matters related to the establishment of local enterprises. He said that the quality and progress of the project are the foundation of Pacific Construction. "Safety first, reputation second, efficiency third" has been the unchanging core operating value of Pacific Construction. If one wants to be high on the sky, be down-to-earth. We have always insisted on keeping up with the national development strategy, and are committed to building a century-old company that is stable and far-reaching.
      Yan Hao pointed out that, Chaozhou, as one of the key strategic markets of the Group, has unique geographical advantages, superior business environment and huge development potential. Entering the Chaozhou gate, acting like a Chaozhou local, speaking the Chaozhou dialect, working on Chaozhou affairs, and fulfilling the Chaozhou responsibility, we will spare no effort to promote further in-depth cooperation between the two parties. By expanding new business areas and increasing investment, we strive to achieve the highest standard in Chaozhou, demonstrate the comprehensive strength of the world's top 500 companies, and contribute new strength to the high-quality development of Chaozhou.
         He Xiaojun said that long-term cooperation requires accumulation, and the two parties have laid a solid foundation for cooperation through close collaboration in the early stage. We hope that Pacific Construction, as the representative of private enterprises, will, as always, through solid and effective work, complete the construction task in Chaozhou with quality and quantity guaranteed, promoting the development of Chaozhou, enhancing the image of Chaozhou, striving for the development of Chaozhou as soon as possible, winning the trust and support of all circles of Chaozhou with high quality and public praise.
        Xue Mei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Twelve Group, Ye Fang, CEO; Zhu Dan, Deputy Mayor of Chaozhou City, attended the meeting. (Text/Twelve Group Cultural Center of Pacific Construction)
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