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Chairman Yan Hao Holds Talks with Deputy Secretary of Fangchenggang Municipal Party Committee
  On the afternoon of March 5, Chairman Yan Hao held talks with Tang Yiang, Deputy Secretary of Fangchenggang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Fangchenggang City in the municipal government office of Guangxi. The two parties exchanged views on speeding up project construction and deepening practical cooperation.
  Yan Hao said that the development of Pacific Construction has always kept pace with the times. In recent years, the enterprise has been actively participated in "One Belt and One Road" construction and "poverty alleviation" stipulated in the 13th Five-Year Plan. Guangxi has been an important strategic market of Pacific Construction. Since the signing of the 450-billion investment cooperation agreement with Guangxi in 2017, Pacific Construction has focused on strategic opportunities such as the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, the Beiqinfang integration, and the new land-and-sea corridors in the west. The investment covers 14 cities and more than 70 counties in Gangxi, and has won wide public praise by virtue of its excellent engineering quality and working standards. In order to promote the development of local economy, the Group gives full play to the advantages of the system and mechanism of private enterprises, chooses the market instead of projects, and tries its best to solve the problems for the government. It enlivens the construction problems of local projects with flexible capital mode, which has been highly recognized by the government.
  Yan Hao pointed out that since the cooperation between Pacific Construction and Fangchenggang, the two parties, based on the framework agreement signed, have pragmatically promoted the cooperation process, actively innovated the cooperation mode, and quickly completed the preliminary procedures. As the saying goes, "the whole year's work depends on a good start in spring", nearly 85% of the projects of the Group have started rapidly at the beginning of this year, and the start of many projects in Fangchenggang is imminent. It is hoped that the two parties will further strengthen communication to resolve the problems encountered in the project. Pacific Construction will give full play to its advantages of "resources, wisdom and capital" with the concept of "doing things first and then being a person" to build quality projects for Fangchenggang and actively cooperate with the development of relevant industries in the long term.
  Tang Yiang said that Pacific Construction has a trusted credit, good reputation and strong strength. Its strategic vision of "no project, only market" is worthy of recognition, and its spirit of toughness is admirable. Since 2019, the two parties have continuously accelerated the process of cooperation and reached a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in various fields. As long as the attitude is positive, there are more ways than difficulties. The government should carry out special research on relevant plans as soon as possible and put forward workable plans. For the existing projects, we should do what we promise well; for the established goals, we should trust each other to achieve the results. It is hoped that the government and enterprise can strengthen communication and exchanges. We believe that as long as we treat each other honestly and cooperate in accordance with laws and regulations in a scientific and reasonable way, we will surely achieve fruitful results.
  Sha Hui, Chairman of the board of directors of Yinjiang Construction, Yu Wen, Regional President of Susun Construction and Chairman of the board of directors of 7th Group, Li Xiang, Vice President of Pacific Construction, Jiang Weisheng, CEO of Yinjiang Construction and Chairman of the board of directors of First Group, Liu Chuang, Chairman of the board of directors of 6th Group of Susun Construction, Li Yuanming, General Manager of Business Center of Yinjiang Construction, Lu Hui, Executive Vice Mayor of Fangchenggang City, Liao Yun, Vice Mayor of Fangchenggang City, Lin Chunsheng, Secretary General of the Municipal Government Office, Zheng Dong, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Government Office and Director of Natural Resources Bureau, Dai Sanjun, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Preparatory Office of the International Medical Pilot Zone, Li Wenchao, member of the Standing Committee of Dongxing Municipal Party Committee and Dongxiang Vice Mayor, and officers of Fangchenggang Urban Management Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, Investment Promotion Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Housing Construction Bureau, investment and development companies, culture and tourism groups, and other relevant departments and platforms attended the talks.
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