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Chairman Yan Hao Holds Talks with Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Hunan People's Congress
  On March 8, Chairman Yan Hao held talks with held talks with Ye Hongzhuan, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial People's Congress and Party Secretary of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. The two parties exchanged their ideas on existing cooperation and future cooperation.
  Yan Hao said that since its establishment, Pacific Construction has always focused on the infrastructure construction with the craftsman spirit of "wisdom, conscience, hardship and benefit", and promoted the enterprise to achieve the goal of building a century old enterprise through the construction of quality projects with excellent reputation. In recent years, the enterprise has been actively participated in "One Belt and One Road" construction and "poverty alleviation" stipulated in the 13th Five-Year Plan based on the work standard of "zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero transfer". The enterprise not only has the sense of social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, but also maintains the institutional advantages of private enterprises, which is moving from the era of infrastructure construction 1.0 to the era of integrated urbanization operation 2.0, and is working with local governments to achieve high-quality economic and social development.
  Yan Hao pointed out that the Pacific Construction and Hunan have a deep foundation for cooperation. From helping Huaihua build its first development zone 20 years ago to winning the battle of poverty alleviation with Xiangxi Prefecture, and then to covering a large area of the whole province, Pacific Construction has always adhered to the concept of doing things first and then being a person, which has won wide praise. Xiangxi Prefecture is a key strategic market that Pacific Construction attaches great importance to and invests in. We not only actively promoted the local infrastructure construction, but also gave full play to the advantages of "resources, wisdom and capital" to help the development and promotion of Xiangxi golden tea industry. Whether in the degree of trust or the intensity of investment, the cooperation between the two parties has a great rise. Pacific Construction will adhere to the concept of "entering Xiangxi, being Xiangxi people, and speaking Xiangxi dialect, handling Xiangxi affairs and fulfilling Xiangxi responsibilities" to promote the development of Xiangxi with practical actions.
  Ye Hongzhuan expressed his gratitude for the investment and construction of Pacific Construction in Xiangxi Prefecture. He pointed out that he had held talks with Yan Jiehe before, and deeply felt that Pacific Construction is patriotic through in-depth exchanges, so it is an inevitable trend for the enterprise to become bigger and stronger. Xiangxi Prefecture used to be the main battlefield of poverty alleviation in Hunan Province, and also an important market actively concerned by Pacific Construction. Since the enterprise settled in Xiangxi, it has invested in a large number of projects with wide public praise, which effectively promotes the local economic development. A solid and far-reaching cooperative relationship between the two parties has been established. Although Xiangxi has been out of poverty, it is urgent to obtain investment in road transportation and tourism industry. We hope that Pacific Construction will continue to pay attention to Xiangxi, give full play to its advantages as the world top 500 enterprises, and join hands with Xiangxi to create a new chapter of development.
  During the talks, Yan Jiehe also communicated with Ye Hongzhuan online. The two parties had a heated discussion on the development of Xiangxi, just as two old friends.
Guan Huaijin, Chairman of the board of directors of the 6th Group of Pacific Construction, Yang Yanfang, member of the Standing Committee of Xiangxi Prefecture Party committee and Secretary of Guzhang County Party committee, Xiang Bangwei, Secretary General and Second-class Inspector of Xiangxi Prefecture, Li Shixing, Jishou Municipal Party Committee, Peng Jun, Secretary of Yongshun County Party Committee, Chen Xiaolong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangxi High-tech Zone, Xiang Rulian, Deputy Secretary of Luxi County Party Committee, Liao Zhaojun, Executive Deputy Head of Huayuan County Party Committee, Zhang Zhongming, Deputy Director of Xiangxi Reform Office, and others attended the talks.
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