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Chairman Yan Hao Holds Talks with Li Wenzu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Rural Credit Cooperatives of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  On March 31, Chairman Yan Hao held talks in Urumqi with Li Wenzu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Rural Credit Cooperatives of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The two parties exchanged their ideas on existing cooperation and future cooperation.
  Yan Hao said that since its establishment, Pacific Construction has always focused on infrastructure investment, construction and management, only doing government projects and trading time for space. We insist on integrating enterprise development with national strategy, implementing local policies with practical actions, and responding to the "One Belt and One Road" initiative. We have been engaged in the poverty alleviation stipulated in 13th Five-Year Plan to serve the rural revitalization and to help the poor counties in China out of poverty, which has received the praise of the State Council and the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. At the same time, we vigorously develop the mode of "artificial intelligence + infrastructure", and constantly push forward from the era of infrastructure construction 1.0 to the era of integrated urbanization operation 2.0.
  Yan Hao mentioned that we should always be grateful for this era. The principle of governing the country by law put forward by the General Secretary gives us a sense of security, and also given us the opportunity to compete with the central and state-owned enterprises. Over the years, we have been adhering to the principles of complying with disciplines and laws in doing business, never doing short-lived business, always focusing on the core operational value of safety first, reputation second, and benefit third and the working standard of zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero transfer, and maintaining sustainable development with high efficiency and high quality. In the future, no matter how the times change and how the economic structure is adjusted, our goal of building a century old enterprise will not change. What we pursue is stable and long-term development.
  Yan Hao stressed that the Pacific Construction and Rural Credit Cooperatives have a deep friendship, and expressed that he is very grateful to the Rural Credit Cooperatives for its support and trust in local development of the Group. In the five years in Xinjiang, the Group has won strong support of the Rural Credit Cooperatives and local banks, enjoyed the generous investment policy dividend given by local governments, and successively participated in the construction of a large number of "conscience projects, generation projects and honor projects", and gained wide praise and good reputation. Xinjiang is the most political region with broad development prospects. We are full of confidence in the project construction in Xinjiang. Next, we will continue to take meeting local infrastructure needs as our own responsibility, fully combine Xinjiang's industrial and regional advantages to further increase project investment and construction in water conservancy, rural revitalization and other fields, and efficiently develop the construction of whole Xinjiang with the help of Rural Credit Cooperatives.
  Li Wenzu said that since the Pacific Construction started its business in Xinjiang, it has made great contributions to the infrastructure development of Xinjiang, showing the Group's profound corporate culture and comprehensive strength. The Rural Credit Cooperatives and Pacific Construction have established a solid cooperative relationship in the early stage, and the development concepts of both sides are highly consistent. In the future, no matter where the Pacific Construction projects go, the services of the Rural Credit Cooperatives will follow. We will try our best to provide finance, settlement and local cross-department coordination services for Pacific Construction, so as to further solve the financing difficulties of enterprises. We hope that our two parties can continue to strengthen communication and cooperation, break the existing bottlenecks and achieve win-win cooperation.
Dai Risheng, President of Huabei Region and Chairman of the board of directors of the 17th Group of Pacific Construction, Peng Jifang, Vice President of Pacific Construction, Han Lei, Financing Manager of Xinjiang Organ of Pacific Construction, Jiang Zhiguo, Deputy Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of Rural Credit Cooperatives, Zhang Tao, Credit Director of Rural Credit Cooperatives, Liu Wei, General Manager of Inter-bank Finance Department of Rural Credit Cooperatives, Yang Jun, Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Urumqi Rural Commercial Bank, and Guo Lingpeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Bank President attended the talks.
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