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Chairman Yan Hao Witnesses the Signing of Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between Pacific Construction and Wuhan Municipal People's Government
   On April 6, the Pacific Construction and Wuhan Municipal People's Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Wang Zhonglin, a member of Standing Committee of CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, met with the Pacific Construction delegation. Cheng Yongwen, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, and Yan Hao, Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Construction, witnessed the signing of the agreement. Yang Jun, Deputy Mayor of Wuhan City, and Song Shaoting, Vice Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Construction and President signed the cooperation agreement on behalf. According to the agreement, the Pacific Construction will lead its nine platforms to invest no less than RMB 250 billion in Wuhan in the next five years.
   At the signing ceremony, Yan Hao said that Wuhan is an important cradle of Chu culture, key area of major national strategies, as well as a decisive place for fighting CONVID-19, with the theme of patriotism, openness, innovation and win-win cooperation and the spirit of working together to fighting with the epidemic, which shares commons with the Pacific Construction. Nowadays, the continuous optimization of Wuhan's market-oriented, lawful and international business environment promotes the continuous deepening and implementation of government-enterprise cooperation, which makes us full of confidence in Wuhan, once a revolutionary base and now a fertile investment land.
  Yan Hao pointed out that the Pacific Construction will closely follow the national development strategy, and will focus on the rise of Central China and the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in combination with the Guidance on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Central China in the New Era recently released by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, so as to build an important new growth pole in China. We hope that the signing of this agreement will strengthen communication between government and enterprises, promote high-quality cooperation and project construction, and explore new modes of cooperation and create new drives for development in aspects such as future city, industrial park, modern logistics base, livelihood and water conservancy, urban renewal, and major public welfare activities.
  Yan Hao stressed that in the future cooperation, the Pacific Construction will take the sense of ownership as the mission to do everything beneficial to Wuhan, closely focus on the major strategies of CPC Hubei Provincial Committee government and CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee government, give full play to the advantages of "resources, wisdom, and capital" as the world top 500 enterprises, boost high-quality development with high-quality investment, create more "conscience projects, generation projects and honor projects", and work together to build a heroic city in the new era!
  Cheng Yongwen introduced the basic situation, development concept and development strategy of Wuhan City, and indicated that Wuhan is a city full of vitality seeing from its quick society and economy recovery from COVID-19 last year, just as General Secretary Xi Jinping praised that Wuhan is a hero city and people in Wuhan are heroes. At the beginning of 14th Five-Year Plan, the Wuhan municipal government will closely focus on the development goal wished by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of his important speeches, constantly stimulate the potential of domestic infrastructure and market vitality, and strive to build the fourth digital city in China. Pacific construction, as the NO.1 private enterprise in the global construction industry, has a bright future. Wuhan municipal government warmly welcomes the enterprises to deeply develop Wuhan. It will also further optimize the business environment, and strive to achieve a long-term win-win cooperation with enterprises with the high-quality services.
  According to the agreement, Pacific Construction will actively promote the integrated development of city group in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in combination with Wuhan's major projects stipulated in the 14th Five-Year Plan, Wuhan's ten projects in three years aiming to recovering from the epidemic, and the enterprise investment and development plan in 2021. For vigorously promoting the urbanization and urban-rural integration construction focused on county economy, Pacific Construction will give full play to the resource, wisdom and capital advantages as the top 100 of the world top 500 enterprises, and lead its nine major platforms to invest no less than 200 billion in Wuhan in the next five years. At the same time, it plans to build a new model of "future city" in an all-round, three-dimensional and market-oriented way with a total investment of no less than 50 billion in cooperation with other world top 500 enterprises.
  Wu Su, Chairman of board of directors of Hang Fun International Group Limited, Liu Jiaxiang, Chairman of board of directors of Zhongshu Construction Group, Wu Bin, Chairman of board of directors of Pacific Future City, Wang Siyi, Vice General Manager of Shenzhen Science and Technology Park Group, Liu Junlan, Regional President of Pacific Construction and Chairman of board of directors of 10th Group, Dai Risheng, Regional President of Pacific Construction and Chairman of board of directors of 17th Group, Song Weiwei, Regional President of Pacific Construction and Chairman of board of directors of Five Lakes Construction, Chang Weiwei, Regional President of Pacific Construction and Chairman of board of directors of Pacific Water, Wang Mo, Vice Chairman and CEO of Zhongshu Construction Group, Yang Jie, Chairman of the board of directors of Zhongshu Construction Group 6, Wang Xiangwang, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee and Secretary of Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Zhang Zhongjun, Secretary General of Wuhan Municipal Government, Zeng Sheng, Secretary of CPC Huangpi Committee, Zhao Lihong, Secretary of CPC Xinzhou Committee, and major leaders of the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Urban Construction Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Water Bureau, Commerce Bureau, urban investment groups and National Development and Reform Commission attended the signing ceremony.
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