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Chairman Yan Hao Attended the First China-ASEAN Private Entrepreneurs Summit
Chairman Yan Jiehe was Invited to Attend the China-ASEANBusiness Leaders Forum and Delivered a Keynote Speech
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Yan Hao Attended the 6th China Private Enterprise Cooperation Conference
        On November 14, the 6th China Private Enterprise Cooperation Conference jointly organized by China Individual Workers Association, Changsha Municipal People's Government, and Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Administration was grandly held. More than a thousand private entrepreneurs, experts, and scholars from across the country gathered in Changsha to jointly seek the cooperation and development of Chinese private enterprises. Zheng Jianbang, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Executive Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Chinese Revolutionary Committee, Zhang Gong, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Xu Dazhe, Deputy Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Governor, Zhong Youping, Former Party Member and Deputy Director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Chairman of the China Self-Employed Workers Association attended the event. Yan Hao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pacific Construction, was invited to participate in a series of activities as the Vice Chairman of the China Self-employed Workers Association.
        On the summit forum, Yan Hao delivered a keynote speech, contributing his wisdom to the high-quality development of the private economy and the Chinese economy.
        Yan Hao said that corporate culture is the core competitiveness of Pacific Construction becoming the world's top 500. In the definition of Pacific Construction, the standard of a successful enterprise is "Word of mouth is more important than profit, the future is more important than the present, the standard is more important than the boss, the employee is more important than the family, and the culture is more important than everything else." Because the competition of the country is the competition of the enterprise, and the enterprise determines the national strength; the competition of the enterprise is the competition of the industry, and the industry determines the future; the competition of the industry is the competition of the leader, and the leader determines the development; the competition of the leader is the competition of the team, and the team determines the scale; the team The competition of culture is the competition of culture, and culture determines success or failure. For more than 30 years, Pacific Construction has always focused on infrastructure investment, construction, and management as its core industry, upholding the core operating values of “safety first, word-of-mouth second, and profit third”. Now it has been selected as one of the world's top 500 for 7 consecutive years, ranking among the top 100 for 5 consecutive years. This year's ranking is 75, which is 22 places higher from last year.
        Yan Hao pointed out that cultural self-confidence is the core element for Pacific Construction to achieve "breakthrough" in its industry. The infrastructure industry not only has many central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, but also a variety of local private enterprises, so the competition is fierce. The reason why Pacific Construction can stand out is because it has always adhered to cultural self-confidence and achieved cultural landing in the journey. Based on the family and country sentiments of “Seek profit, seek fame, seek help more from yourself and less from others; Love home, love country, love others more and love yourself less”, Pacific Construction combines its own development with national strategies, implements the “Belt and Road” initiative, and contributes to the poverty alleviation of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, not only brought a large number of orders for the enterprise, but also gained a good reputation through quality engineering. Relying on the craftsman spirit of "wisdom, conscience, hardship and loss", Pacific Construction completed the accumulation of "the first pot of gold" in the early stage of its business. In the follow-up development, we never forget our original intention and maintain a high level of investment in the development of China's infrastructure industry. Today, the enterprise is actively innovating, focusing on "artificial intelligence + infrastructure", striving to build a century-old establishment and become one of the standard setters of the global infrastructure industry.
        Yan Hao said that culture may not bring immediate results, but its inheritance and innovation can give an enterprise long-lasting peace and security and ensure an ever-lasting foundation. At present, China's economy is shifting from pursuing scale to high-quality development. For private enterprises, extensive, expansive and even speculative short-term thinking can no longer cope with the challenges of the new economic normal and global reforms. In the era of shortage economy, diligence is more important than wisdom; in the era of excess economy, wisdom is more important than diligence. The era of fighting to win has passed, and the era of fighting with wisdom has arrived. What does it mean to fight with wisdom? It is to adapt to the times, follow the trend, optimize resources with wisdom, and enlarge capital with wisdom.
        The day before the conference, Yan Hao also attended the Fourth Council of the Fifth Session of the China Private-Owned Business Association, the preparatory meeting of the cooperation conference as well as other activities, and participated in the tour.
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