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Chairman Yan Hao Attended Hurun Report Entrepreneurs Summit and Delivered A Speech
        On November 6, the 2020 Hurun Report Entrepreneurs Summit was held in Beijing. Big names from all walks of life gathered to discuss the responsibilities of entrepreneurs and the innovation and creation of wealth in the post-epidemic era. Chairman Yan Hao attended this event as a special guest and shared the unique core development path of Pacific Construction in the keynote speech.
        Yan Hao said that focus is the foundation of a stable and long-term business. The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic this year has had an impact on the operations of many companies, but the epidemic is merely a "lead" but not the source of the problem. After reaching a certain scale and having brand influence, many private enterprises will diversify, increase leverage, choose capital operation and even go public, often resulting in a lack of risk control, leading to their own collapse. For more than 30 years, Pacific Construction has been focusing on the main business of infrastructure construction, committed to building a century-old establishment, and becoming one of the standard setters of the global infrastructure industry. Regardless of the external market, the enterprise always pursues stability and long-term development, and a high degree of prevention of financial risks. Even with the benefit of the internal circulation driven by infrastructure, Pacific Construction still strictly controls the enterprise's debt ratio, reduces financing costs, and prefers to sacrifice a certain amount of orders to ensure the quality of development.
        Yan Hao believes that professionalism is the source of motivation for growth. If in the early stage of reform and opening up, our fathers relied on their own ability, courage, and wisdom to seize opportunities, through innovating business models and management models to achieve their careers. In this era, it is necessary to combine technology and inject new momentum for corporate growth with a high degree of professionalism. With the rapid development of science and technology, many scenes imagined in the past have become reality. Although Pacific Construction is in a traditional industry, we are deeply aware that the extensive growth of the infrastructure industry is gradually becoming outdated. Only by focusing on new processes and technologies can we better embrace the arrival of the "artificial intelligence + infrastructure" era. Today, Pacific Construction is moving from infrastructure construction 1.0 to urbanization integrated operation 2.0 and is actively thinking about how to transform and apply artificial intelligence to the traditional infrastructure industry.
        Yan Hao shared that culture is the essence of guiding top-level design. Pacific Construction has been selected as one of the world's top 500 companies for 7 consecutive years, not only because it has caught up with the dividends of the reform and opening up and the development of China's urbanization, but also because it has a flexible system and mechanism for private enterprises, with its core being its unique corporate culture. Whether it is risk control, technological innovation, management and operation, or specific standards of operation and manner, its core concepts are derived from their own culture, ensuring that Pacific Construction people "having the imitative to work, having the courage to work, having ability to work, having the capability to deliver, having the sense of discernment”. It is normal for enterprises to have varying degrees of "puffiness" at various stages, but real entrepreneurs should actively think about how to go from quantity to quality, and from going fast to going further. "It is capitalists who revolve around banknotes, industrialists who revolve around enterprises, and entrepreneurs who revolve around society." In the post epidemic era, sustainable development is the best path for enterprises.
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