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Chairman Yan Hao Talked with Brunei's Secretary of Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister of Finance and Economy
On the morning of Sept. 20, 2019, Chairman Yan Hao met in Nanning with Secretary of Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister of Finance and Economy of Brunei, Liu Guangming, who was here to attend 16th China-ASEAN Expo. The two sides held friendly talks on strengthening interaction and establishing cooperative relations.
Chairman Yan Hao welcomed Liu's visit and introduced to him CPCG’s main business and development strategy. He said that over the 30 years, CPCG has taken the infrastructure construction as its core business, participated in the investment, construction and management of more than 1,000 cities and 3,000 industrial parks. CPCG has been listed on the Global 500 Company List for six years in a row, topping the private engineering and construction industry worldwide. In response to China’s  “Belt and Road” Initiative, CPCG relocate its headquarters to Xinjiang in 2017 and integrated itself into the construction of core zone of silk road economic belt. With Guangxi as the fulcrum, we will continue to expand the ASEAN friends circle of and establish cooperation with Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand,etc..
Yan pointed out that in recent years, relying on the strong strength of infrastructure construction, CPCG was committed to building a new development model of “integration between industry and city, scenery and city, and people and city”, stepping from the 1.0 era of infrastructure construction to the 2.0 era of comprehensive urban operation. The oil reserves and production of Brunei ranks second in Southeast Asia, and its per capita GDP ranks among the best in the world. CPCG expects to enter the Brunei market not for one or two projects but for becoming one of Brunei’s local enterprises to boost local tax revenue and employment with permanent industries further to promote faster economic and social growth. Both sides hoped to take this opportunity of the China-ASEAN Expo to further strengthen communication, increase understanding so as to reach cooperation as soon as possible.
Liu introduced Brunei's economy, geography and location and expressed sincere welcome to CPCG to invest in Brunei. He said that Brunei has been inactive response to the call of ASEAN for the connectivity building. Brunei has invested heavily in infrastructure construction and built a number of key projects. But the Brunei Government attaches greater importance to the ability of companies to make long-term plans for cities than merely constructing projects, in order to inject lasting vitality into urban economy. He mentioned that Brunei borders the state of Sarawak in Malaysia and is connected by a bridge. Its government is planning new parks on this basis to drive the development of surrounding industries and the economy.We hope that CPCG will give full play to its rich experience and inject impetus into Brunei's economy.
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