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Yan Jiehe Saw off Governor of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in Guangzhou
On Aug. 29, 2019, Yan Jiehe held another brief talk with Khuong Sreng, Governor of Phnom Penh and his delegation at its Guangzhou headquarters, and held a dinner banquet to see off the Cambodian guests.
They watched the promotional video -- Global Village together. Yan Jiehe himself interpreted the concept and connotation of this video for the guests and said they would use “five million-projects” to achieve “five things that cannot be found” in the global village. He hoped that Mr. Governor would visit the global village next time when he comes to China. Khuong Sreng happily accepted the invitation.
On the morning of the same day, the Cambodian delegation visited Zhaoqing City to visit the project of CPCG.Jin Liang, Chairman of the Board of Haishang Construction, and Yan Qingsheng, Chairman of the Board the 15th group of CPCG, accompanied the tour. Jin told the guests that along its development, CPCG has always taken a global perspective to enter the ASEAN market at a deeper and further level. We signed a package of integrated industrial city projects with many provincial governments to build projects “of conscience, for future generations, and with honor" across China.
Khuong Sreng spoke highly of our Zhaoqing project. He said that the Cambodian side needs enterprises like CPCG with high standards and strict requirements on project quality and speed to invest in Cambodia.
In the afternoon, the delegation proceeded to the No. 8 building of our Guangzhou headquarters. At the dinner party, Khuong Sreng and his delegation once again thanked Yan Jiehe and his team for the warm reception. After the dinner, the two parties exchanged gifts and hugged to say goodbye.
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