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Chairman Yan Jiehe Met with the Governor Phnom Penh Capital City in Nanjing
On Aug. 27, 2019, Yan Jiehe held talks at CPCG Nanjing headquarters with Khuong Sreng, Governor Phnom Penh Capital City, and his delegation. The two sides exchanged views on cooperation in the investment and construction of the new city of Phnom Penh.

Yan warmly welcomed the arrival of Khuong Sreng and his delegation. He said that this visit by H.E. Governor and his family demonstrates his trust in us.The extraordinary ones are always simple, and those who do great things make friends first and do business later. I come from an educational family. As an incompetent businessman who looks down on businessmen, I always let myself get “hurt” and never let others get “hurt”, because we know that small success depends on suffering while great success depends on disaster.

Khuong Sreng thanked Yan and his team for the warm reception. He said that Cambodia-China friendship has been going on for generations, and the countries where investors will invest are bound to be consistent with the overall political situation of the country. He gave a detailed introduction of the development of the new town in the old city of Phnom Penh, hoping to promote the sublimation of friendship between the two countries at the same time.

Yan Jiehe responded that three months ago, he had a meeting with H.E. Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia and Chinese Minister of Commerce at CPCG Beijing headquarters. At that time, he talked about sewage treatment around Phnom Penh, which is our strength. “As I said years ago, whoever tries to rebuild the old city will die,” he said, “Compared with upgrading the old city, it is better to develop the new city first, and the success of the new city depends on the housing price.” China's success is urbanization, its success can be reflected by one of Deng Xiaoping’s remark that there is great hope in the new district! Suzhou’s “one city and two wings” have made its GDP larger than that of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province.

Khuong Sreng highly agreed with Yan. He said that the Cambodian side welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest and develop in Cambodia and hopes that Yan will lead a team to visit Phnom Penh for investigation and research.

Yan Jiehe concluded that in the rise of Asian economy, Japan ranks the first, the Four Asian Little Dragons the second, mainland China the third, and Southeast Asia comes the fourth. The future economy will be Marine economy, and Cambodia is a offshore country. Thirty years ago, my vision was from developing Pacific Construction(domestically) to building Pacific Ocean(internationally). At that time, people thought I was crazy. At present, the FEPCO model created by Pacific Ocean is unique in the world, and its capital, personnel and equipment are 100% of our own. There are no permanent friends, only permanent interests.We are always safe and clean with wisdom and conscience. If one wants to make friends for a long time, s/he should do things first. If things are not done well, the friendship will not last long.Yan Jiehe suggested Khuong Sreng take the high-speed train to feel the speed of China.

After the talks, Yan Jiehe hosted a family dinner to welcome Khuong Sreng and his family at Skyway Villa.
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