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CPCG Assisted Yangqu County of Shanxi Province to Build a new Model for Integrated Industrial City

On July 29, 2019, CPCG together with the Government of Yangqu County, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province and the Management Committee of Yangqu Modern Agriculture Industry Demonstration Zone signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement and the Investment Cooperation Framework Agreement of Yangqu Modern Agriculture Industry Demonstration Zone respectively in Taiyuan. In the future 5 years, CPCG will invest 50 billion yuan to assist Yangqu to build a 141-square-kilometer Modern Agriculture Industry Demonstration Zone, creating a new model for integrated industry city; meanwhile, another 20 billion yuan will be invested to comprehensively promote the leapfrog economic development of Yangqu , focusing on project building such as municipal transportation, industrial poverty alleviation, culture, tourism and education.

Luo Qingyu, member of the Standing Committee of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee, Li Xiaobo, Vice Chairman of Shanxi CPPCC, Deputy Secretary of Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, met with Yan Hao, Chairman of the Board of CPCG and his delegation before the signing ceremony. Luo Qingyu said that Taiyuan is a national historical and cultural city as well as an old industrial base, with profound cultural background, unique resources, complete industrial system and outstanding regional advantages. At present, based on Shanxi's overall picture of innovation, transformation and development, Taiyuan is accelerating its innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading pace, with huge development potential and broad market space. CPCG is a leader in construction field, as well as a large group company that involved in many fields and industries. It is in due course that CPCG came to Taiyuan at this very time. Taiyuan will speed up the integrated development of industry and city with an open attitude, high quality service and good environment together with CPCG. It is hoped that in the future, Taiyuan will carry out comprehensive cooperation in such fields as urban design optimization, industrial city layout upgrading, industrial incubation and introduction, so as to create an urban environment that is good to live and work. Meanwhile, Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee and Government will also fully support the construction of Yangqu Modern Agriculture Industry Demonstration Zone, looking forward to the successful cooperation between CPCG and Yangqu, thus formally opening the prelude of the strategic cooperation between Taiyuan and CPCG.

Li Xinchun, Deputy Secretary of Taiyuan Municipal Committee, Zhang Xiaosheng, Deputy Director-General of Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Che Jianhua, Deputy Mayor of Taiyuan, Wu Liang, Deputy Director-General of Shanxi Investment Promotion Bureau attended the ceremony. Pei Yaojun, Secretary of Yangqu County Party Committee, and Yan Hao, Chairman of the Board of CPCG, delivered speeches respectively. County Magistrate Li Jingjing and Vice Chairman of the Board of CPCG and President Song Shaoting signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides.

Pei Yaojun, Secretary of Yangqu County Party Committee, said in his speech that the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee and Government attach great importance to the cooperation between Yangqu and CPCG and will provide great support and assistance. The biggest advantage of Yangqu is its people. Yangqu’s current status and achievements can be attributed to “its party and government strive for the same goalwith united team and good atmosphere”, which coincides with CPCG’s idea of “sharing our achievements to fulfill others”. The County Party Committee and government will provide the best service and environment for CPCG under the spirit of “never forgetting the original intention” and the responsibility of “keeping the mission firmly in mind”. It is believed that the strategic cooperation between Yangqu and CPCG will achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Yan Hao said, Yangqu known as the “Top City of Shanxi, Gateway of Taiyuan” with location advantages, natural endowments and rich cultural heritage, is China’s famous traditional culture tourism county and major food production county. In the process of scientific transformation, Yangqu created a first-class business environment to fully integrate itself into the Taiyuan metropolitan area and take it to a new level of urbanization and industrialization under the open, inclusive and enterprising spirit of hard work. CPCG will give full play to Global 500 Company’s combined advantages of “resources, wisdom and capital” to Yangqu Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park, and to build new urban development mode featuring “integration between indusrty and city, scenery and city, and people and city” with high standard and at high level. 

According to the agreement, CPCG will work together with Yangqu under the co-building platform of “government + enterprise” to achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation so as to build Yangqu Modern Agriculture Industry Demonstration Zone as a Sino-French Modern Agriculture Cooperation Demonstration Zone and a pilot zone for the comprehensive reform of modern agriculture of Shanxi. In the specific project planning, we will form a development pattern of “driven by one core, extended by one belt, supported by four circles, and coordinated by multi-areas” under the space structure of “one core, one belt, four circles, multi-areas” to build a city ecosystem of by integrating mountain, water, farmland, town and village so as to improve the influence of Yangqu and get further involved to Taiyuan metropolis circle.

This cooperation is not only the positive fruit of Yangqu comprehensively optimizing its business environment, pushing urbanization and industrialization, but also an important practice of CPCG under its idea of integrated industrial city, in joint efforts with government to innovate future urban development pattern.
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