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Yan Jiehe Met With Liu Yazhou, Shi Xiuli and Sun Baoping in Beijing
On the morning of September 27, Yan Jiehe, President of the Zhuang Yan Think Tank, visited Liu Yazhou, political commissar of the National Defense University of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. He then met with Shi Lixiu, Dean of the Environmental Art Design Institute of the Chinese Academy of Architectural Design, Sun Baoping, former dean of the School of Soil and Water Conservation of Beijing Forestry University and a national outstanding contribution expert in the afternoon.

During the meeting with Liu Yazhou, Yan Jiehe shared his life experience with him, from 26-year-old factory director to 36-year-old group chairman, from 46-year-old Chinese rich to 56-year-old world top 500. He said that it is the soft power that a company laughs to the end not the hard power alone. Liu Yazhou agrees and said that through today’s exchanges, it is inevitable that the group can be built today. For the first time, he saw such an enterpriser who has thought and profound knowledge of Chinese traditional culture. As a leader of private enterprises in this generation, CPCG born in the throes of reform and opening up, crawling and rolling in the tide of economic transformation. Its brand awareness, pattern of development and social responsibility have reached a height that later generations cannot reach.

In the afternoon, Yan and Shi Lixiu watched the promotional film of Fuhu together. He introduced with great interest the concept of “Nine centers, One base and Two homes” and the overall plan for the design of Wuwei Academy. Shi Lixiu briefly described her excellent project experience at home and abroad, and expressed her high praise for our platform and strong interest in participating in the project. She proposed that Yan’s idea should be refined and implemented, especially the aesthetic interest and water sentiment.

Yan briefly introduced the development process and cultural essence of the enterprise. He emphasized that our idea is to leave space for the future. We should attach importance to natural ecology and restore the original nature. We are a wise and conscientious enterprise.

During the talks, both sides also jointly watched the promotional film “Xiangru Huaiyun”. Sun Baoping highly appreciated the professionalism and artistry of Yan’s overall design concept. He said that he also liked Chinese traditional culture very much. The design idea was to let every plant and grass feel our architecture and understand the artistic conception we expressed. He emphasized that plant configuration and landscape building were their specialties and strengths, and he was looking forward to participating in the amalgamation of beautiful and harmonious scenery, feelings and people in Wuwei Academy.
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