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Yan Jiehe Visited Vice Premier Wang Tinghui of Vietnam
On September 12, Yan Jiehe visited Vice Premier Wang Tinghui of Vietnam who attended the 15th China-ASEAN EXPO in Liyuan Villa, Nanning.

Vietnamese Vice Premier Wang Tinghui said that he was honored to take the opportunity of the EXPO to know Yan Jiehe. He said that we were deeply impressed by the achievements of CPCG as the world’s largest private construction enterprise. We hope that the two sides will cooperate in trade, tourism and investment. The Vietnamese government hopes that more projects will be invested by powerful enterprises like CPCG.

Wang Tinghui stressed that the leaders of Vietnam and China have reached a consensus, and the two sides share mutual benefit and trust, especially to consolidate the economic mutual trust between the two countries. The Vietnamese government strongly supports and protects the development of Chinese enterprises in Vietnam. During the APEC Summit last year, CPCG and Vietnamese related departments had a good communication. Vietnam looks forward to early cooperate with CPCG, and to conduct the investment and construction of important projects by BOT and BT mode.

Yan Jiehe said that the economic development of a country cannot be separated from the construction of transportation. If you want to be rich, build roads first, then railways, and finally highways. CPCG will cooperate with Vietnam in the most preferential way and participate in urban road construction in Vietnam in the BT mode.

Yan Jiehe introduced several modes of cooperation in detail. He said that Vietnam’s resource advantages are relatively good, and both sides can work together to transform resource advantage into economic advantage. Once CPCG entering into Vietnam, it will be Vietnamese, speaking Vietnamese, doing Vietnamese affairs and shouldering Vietnamese responsibility. Within three years, it will surely become Vietnam’s favorite enterprise.

The two sides reached their intention of cooperation in the friendly talk. Finally, Wang Tinghui invited Yan Jiehe to visit Vietnam.
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