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Yan Jiehe Had Talks with Myanmar Business Delegation to the 15th China-ASEAN Expo
At noon on September 11, Yan Jiehe, the founder of CPCG and Dean of Wuwei Academy held talks with Myanmar business delegation to attend the 15th China-ASEAN Expo in Southern Headquarter of CPCG. The two sides exchanged cordially on the future cooperation of infrastructure projects between China and Myanmar.

Yan Jiehe expressed his great pleasure in meeting with the Myanmar business delegation. As one of the top 500 enterprises in the world, CPCG has been adhering to the spirit of “wisdom, conscience, hardship and bitterness” and the concept of “making friends first, doing business later”, and advocating cooperation based on mutual benefit and win-win situation. He emphasized that no matter how much money or how little it is, it is good to be clean, which is the moral principle of business. The reason why the brand of “the first global Chinese ‘madman’” has been standing for many years is that it has never do anything against its conscience. “People can lose money, power and dignity, but never conscience and personality.”

Yan Jiehe hoped that the meeting would be the starting point for future cooperation between the two sides. He also hoped that the two sides would build ties and bridges for deepening the cooperation between enterprises of China and Myanmar and pass on the friendly and cooperative relations from generation to generation. He suggested that the two sides should start with the infrastructure projects from Ruili, Yunnan, to Haoyao Port, Myanmar, and cooperate to increase understanding and mutual trust so as to carry out more and larger cooperation.

The Chairman of Myanmar Foreign Investment Association, the Chairman of Myanmar Banking Association and the Chairman of KMA Group, Chin Maung-eh, who led the team, said that Mr. Yan Jiehe’s views and wisdom were admirable and he hoped to have more opportunities to exchange. He said that as the leader of three national organizations and three major associations in Myanmar, he has a deep foundation of political and commercial relations in Myanmar and has close working contacts with the President and Vice President of Myanmar. Two days ago, China and Myanmar signed an MOU on the co-construction of China-Myanmar economic corridor, which has become an excellent opportunity for enterprises of the two countries to work together. He said that most of the political and business elites in Burma actively supported China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, and looked forward to participating in the construction of the project. He hoped to sign a cooperation agreement with CPCG as soon as possible, and sincerely invited Mr. Yan Jiehe to lead his team to visit Myanmar.
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