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Yan Jiehe was Invited to the Reception Dinner with Vietnam Ambassador to China
The 15th China-ASEAN Expo is around the corner. On August 28th, Yan Jiehe was invited to have dinner with Vietnam ambassador to China, Mr. Deng Mingkui in the embassy. 

Before the meeting, Deng Mingkui personally welcomed the old friend at the entrance. He said that China and Vietnam are friendly neighbors linked by mountains, rivers and culture. The Chinese old saying “to get rich, build roads first” has far-reaching influence in Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnam’s active efforts to facilitate the connection of the “Two Corridors and One Circle” concept with China’s “Belt and Road” initiative abroad are also to build in all directions. Road network system has great potential in infrastructure market.

Yan expressed his strong interest in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam, and shared his recent exchanges with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir. He also introduced the CPCG, as the first exclusive diamond strategic partner of the China-ASEAN Expo. He said that if Vietnam wants to be rich, it needs to build roads, railways and airports. CPCG is willing to seamlessly connect with Vietnam in terms of resources, wisdom and capital.

Deng Mingkui agrees very much. He said that Sino-Vietnamese relations have developed steadily in recent years and high-level exchanges of visits have been frequent. In the near future, senior Vietnamese officials will attend many exhibitions and forums, including the China-ASEAN EXPO. It is hoped that Yan will be invited to meet and further promote Yan’s enterprises to invest in Vietnam.
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