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Yan Jiehe Meets with the President of China Communications Construction, Chen Fenjian in Beijing
On June 8th, Yan met with the President of China Communications Construction Chen Fenjian in Beijing. The two sides conducted deep exchanges in strategic cooperation, cross-boundary and cross-mechanisms cooperative models.

During the conversation, from the current economy to the environment of both home and abroad. Yan elaborated twists and turns that CPCG had encountered in its internationalization and the global development layout of Yan’s family.

Innovation is the first driving force of development. After reviewing the development situation of China Communications Construction, Yan pointed out that modern enterprises have no fixed managerial model. The zero inner-consumption, zero corruption and zero loss can go without strong mechanism, system, operation and decision-making advantage. From initiating Chinese BT mode to PPP leading. Yan mentioned that CPCG has written a colorful stroke in China’s reform and opening up. Today’s achievement attributes to reform and opening up. We should reciprocate society with gratitude.

Chen Jianfen expressed his admiration for Yan’s great vision and wisdom. He said with infrastructure construction and investment as its core business, CPCG ranks 89th in Fortune Global 500 company list and No.1 in global private construction sector. China Communications Construction Group is a world leading large scale infrastructure service provider and ranks 103th in the list. The core business of CPCG is highly correspondent with CCCG. In the cross-boundary cooperation, the two sides could tap their own potential and thus contain a strong sense of strategic complementarity in the cooperation both home and abroad.

Later, Chen introduced the overseas projects of CCCG. He stressed that the two sides will take investment and financing cooperation as the opportunity, inject new vigor and vitality into synergy development. By doing so, a new type of win-win private company-SOE cooperative relations would be established.
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