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Chairman Yan Hao Attended the First China-ASEAN Private Entrepreneurs Summit
Chairman Yan Jiehe was Invited to Attend the China-ASEANBusiness Leaders Forum and Delivered a Keynote Speech
Han Zheng Visited the Stand of CPCG and the Yan Family Attended the Opening Ceremony of CAEXPO
Great Achievements Have Been Made in 2017 APEC Summit
The Grand Opening of the 17th China-ASEAN Expo,Yang Jiechi Highly Affirms the Guangxi Strategy of Pacific Construction
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Yan Jiehe Meets with Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, Chen Lvping in Shenzhen
On May 24th, Yan Jiehe met with the Vice-Governor of Liaoning Province Chen Lvping in Shenzhen. The two sides conducted exchanges in terms of Shenfu New Area proposed by Premier Li Keqiang.

Yan said: “all the excellent are simplest, but that does not mean the simplest are the excellent”. All the governments which have cooperated with us know our principle of “fast pace, good quality, low cost, few contradictories and high efficiency”. Meanwhile, we stick to zero dependence, zero subcontract and zero complaints. Yan elaborated the process and situation of CPCG to cooperate with all countries. He pointed out that CPCG has now upgraded to national level.

Later, Yan reviewed the development process of CPCG from starting South-West to relocating Xinjiang. He said CPCG ranks 89th in Fortune Global 500 companies. As a private company, we thank our times and we have the confidence to become a kind of SOE by a private businessman. He stressed that all splendor achievements belong to the past and the future is always a blank. CPCG always pay attention to constant innovation. We are not only doing business in infrastructure construction, but also in differentiated high-level services, including education, medical care, healthcare, forum, business and training.

The two sides watched the promotional video of CPCG in a delight mood. Chen Lvping said CPCG is a great company. He thanks the blueprint of Liaoning economic development drawn by Yan Jiehe. The differentiated high-level service and HQ economic are correspondent to the demands of North-East Development Demonstration Zone. At the same time, he requested all relevant departments to take the initiative to cooperate with CPCG and push the early signing of strategic cooperative agreement.
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