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Chairman Yan Hao Met with Wang Lin, Member of the Standing Committee of Xi’an Municipal CPC Committee
On June 1, Yan Hao, Chairman of CPCG, was invited to visit the Economic Development Zone in Xi’an, Shaanxi, and had in-depth exchanges on the infrastructure investment and construction with Wang Lin, member of the Standing Committee of Xi’an Municipal CPC Committee and Secretary of CPC committee of Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Chairman Yan Hao elaborated the development history of CPCG. He said that as a group leader born in the 1980s, he has been advocating the core values of sustainable development, and requires all subordinate groups to achieve good reputation when conducting projects, and adhere to the principles of “zero subcontracting, zero attachment and zero complaints”, so as to fully ensure the progress, quality and safety of projects and fulfill the commitment to governments.

He stressed that at the beginning of this year, CPCG signed a framework cooperation agreement of with Xi’an Government at a level of 100 billion yuan, and its Northwest Construction was planning to settle the headquarter in the New High-speed Railway Town to actively engage in the infrastructure construction of Xi’an. 

Wang Lin, first of all, expressed his warm welcome to the cooperation between CPCG and Economic Development Zone. He said Xi’an not only enjoys a special historical context and geographic position but also has witnessed rapid development in recent years. Xi’an is the most promising city in China’s western region, while the Economic Development Zone is the largest development area of Xi’an, with huge space for infrastructure development. The Northwest Group of CPCG, with its headquarters in the New High-speed Railway Town, will be a local enterprise of Economic Development Zone. The government will definitely make every effort to assist CPCG to settle in the Economic Development Zone and jointly build the most beautiful Xi’an.

Song Shaoting, President of CPCG, Dai Risheng, Executive Vice President, Zhang Yanli, Vice President, Liu Junlan, Chairman of the Board of Northwest Construction of CPCG, Yang Zhizhou, Vice Chairman, Chen Dawei, Deputy Director of Xi’an Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang Hongwei, Deputy Director Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee, and Yang Lu, Deputy Director of the Industrial Investment Promotion Sub-bureau attended the talks.

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