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Chairman Yan Hao Attended the First China-ASEAN Private Entrepreneurs Summit
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The Third China-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce Leaders Summit - Co-construct and Share the New Channel of Land and Sea, the Southward Infrastructure Channel Forum was Successfully Held
On the morning of Sept 14, the third China-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce Leaders Summit - Co-construct and Share the New Channel of Land and Sea, the Southward Infrastructure Channel Forum, co-organized by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, the Investment Promotion Bureau of Guangxi, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Guangxi, Guangxi Overseas Friendship Association and CPCG was successfully held in Nanning.

Liu Shunda, Former Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of a key state-owned enterprise under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Fan Hengshan, famous economist and former deputy secretary-general of National Development and Reform Commission, Shen Xuekui, former deputy directer of the Central Guard Bureau, Yao Jingyuan, Special Researcher of the Councilor Office of the State Council, Yidan Duli, the President's Special Envoy to Israel, Ma Bingzhi, former commander of the Naval Aviation of Chinese People's Liberation Army, Wang Tong, famous economis, business representatives from ASEAN and leaders of Guangxi Governments attended the forum. The Yan family and executive elites of CPCG also attended this event which was hosted by CCTV host Dong Qian.

Xiong Chunhan said in his speech that the chambers of commerce from different countries and their enterprises are not only the important force to build international channel of land and sea but also the beneficiary of the cooperation, development and new opportunities. This forum had discussions on the implementation of ways, cooperation fields and key projects of co-building the southward channel. He also expressed sincere thanks to CPCG for its efforts of organizing this forum.

Yan Hao said in his speech that only through "consultation, joint construction and sharing" can we achieve common development and win-win results. Only by focusing on ASEAN and working together in times of difficulty can we achieve steady and long-term growth. As the most cutting-edge practitioner of “Belt and Road” initiative, CPCG is duty-bound to respond to the call of the times and keep pace with national development strategies.

Yao Jingyuan said that CPCG, closely combining construction with clear water and green mountains, adheres to the philosophy of green development, which is fully in line with the idea of high-quality development in the new era and new context.

Liu Shunda proposed that six centers should be built for high-quality and sustainable development, namely, planning center, scheduling and command center, trading center, service center, innovation center and quality assessment center.

Fan Hengshan, who participated in the formulation of three major plans of Guangxi, said that the “southward channel” and “Belt and Road” are organically combined. In other words, the construction of the southward channel must be in line with the national “Belt and Road” initiative.

Shen Xuekui pointed out that CPCG attaches great importance to the laws of the host countries. It’s three hundred percent philosophy- one hundred percent of social responsibility, one hundred percent of the spirit of contract and one hundred percent of legal consciousness- indicates that a great deal of work has been done in this regard.

Wang Tong said that CPCG, at the forefront in the southward channel and “Belt and Road”, is a major Chinese private economy representative that promotes the new type of urbanization, and has developed into one of China’s pace-setter in city operators.

Yan Jiehe mentioned in his speech that Vice Premier Han Zheng once asked what gratitude was during his visit to the CPCG exhibition stand. He replied that he was grateful for Xiaoping's introduce of market and Jingping’s emphasis on laws. The foundation and soul of a nation lie in the market and laws.

· At this Forum, participants also witnessed the signing of cooperation framework agreements between CPCG and PT. FAMINDO INTERNASIONAL SENTRAL    TEKNOLOGI, Myanmar Investor Development Association, U.S.-China Investment Promotion Association, Anxin Zhongbao Technology Co., LTD and the People's Government of Yongfu County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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