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Yan Hao was Invited to Attend the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Beijing Summit
The 2018 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Beijing Summit was held in Beijing on Sept. 3 and 4. Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired the summit and related activities. Yan Hao was invited to attend the summit as the only entrepreneur of private construction sector. He had discussions with famous businessman from China and Africa on strengthening infrastructure cooperation between China and Africa in the Chinese and African Leaders and Business Representatives High-level Dialogue and the 6th China-Africa Entrepreneurs Symposium.

Under the theme of “to build a closer community of shared future between China and Africa for the win-win cooperation”, this summit is the largest diplomatic event hosted at China this year. More than 30 African countries’ leaders attended the opening ceremony and the participating enterprises were leading companies from China and Africa’s infrastructure, energy, finance and manufacturing sectors.

President Xi Jinping said in the opening ceremony that China and Africa should join hands to forge a community of shared future featuring shared responsibility, win-win cooperation, prosperous culture, strengthened security and harmonious coexistence.

Yan Hao said that CPCG has maintained close ties with African countries for a long time. At this summit, CPCG will speed up comprehensive exchanges and cooperation with African countries under the spirit of making friends first before doing business. After setting its ASEAN headquarters in Malaysia and the European headquarters in Bulgaria, CPCG will continue to set its African headquarters in a relatively developed African economy. It will join hands with local enterprises to participate in African infrastructure construction, and make contributions to African employment and tax revenue.

During this period, Yan Hao received joint interviews from the Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily and Economic Daily on topics such as the cooperation situation, positive progress and advantages of private enterprises’ investment in Africa.

He stressed that as President Xi Jinping said that China and Africa shared similar experience and common mission. Such common experience is the emotional basis and prerequisite for win-win cooperation between Chinese enterprises and Africa.

He added that China will always be Africa’s good friend, partner and brother. Once CPCG extends its business in Africa, it will do business, take responsibilities and speak as an African enterprise. It will be committed to stick together with African governments and people to contribute to build a closer community of shared future between China and Africa. It is hoped that through the efforts of generations, CPCG will develop into one of the future’s standard-setters in global infrastructure sector. 

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