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Mr. Yan Hao was Consecutively Elected as Vice President of China Individual Labor Association
On Jan 22, the Fifth National Congress of China Individual Labor Association was held in Beijing. President Xi Jinping wrote a letter to the congress to extend his earnest greeting to all representatives at the conference and all the self-employed business operators on behalf of the Communist Party of China. Premier Li Keqiang made instructions on the congress. Yan Hao, Chairman of the Board of China Pacific Construction Group (CPCG), was invited to attended the conference and consecutively elected as Vice President of the Association.

At the conference, State Councilor Wang Yong read out the congratulatory letter from Xi Jinping and instructions from Li Keqiang. In Xi’s letter, he pointed out that China's individual economy sector is the fruit of the reform and opening up. Over the past 40 years, under the encouragement and support of the CPC and Chinese Government as well as its guiding policies, the individual economy has played a crucial role in maintaining growth, promoting innovation, increasing employment opportunities and improving people's livelihood. Xi Jinping stressed that the Association should serve as a platform to create more business opportunities, popularize policies and regulations and deepen the reform.

Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in his instructions that relevant departments and various individual private business associations should firmly continue to streamline their administrations, optimize service reform, actively solve problems for individual private enterprises and implement policies such as tax reduction so as to build a more positive business environment.

Founded in December 1986, China Individual Labor Association is a national non-profit organization voluntarily established by self-employed individuals and businesses. It serves as a bridge where CPC and government expand their connections with individual workers and relevant institutions. Over the 30 years, the Association has become a well-developed social institution with great influence, large number of members and wide coverage of industries. By the end of 2017, it had a membership of 65,794 individual businesses, 27.263 million private enterprises and 341 million employees.

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