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The 68th Anniversary of the Establishment of Vietnam-China Diplomatic Relationship

Mr. Yan Jiehe was invited to attend the reception party for celebrating the 68th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-China diplomatic relationship in Beijing held by the Embassy of Vietnam in China on Jan 18th 2018.
Before the reception party, His Excellency the Ambassador Mr. Deng Mingkui exchanged views and discussed with the founder of CPCG, Mr. Yan Jiehe in terms of Vietnam infrastructural construction and investment. Mr. Yan Jihe said that the Southeast Asia market represents the gateway of CPCG in its Belt and Road Initiative plan. Among others, the infrastructural construction and investment in Vietnam serves the key for CPCG to lay out its external market. The current visit shows the determination and confidence to cooperate with Vietnam. Mr. Yan Jiehe pointed out that Vietnam boasts abundant natural resources and enjoys excellent location. As an old Chinese saying: If you want to be rich, build your road first. Such an ancient Chinese philosophy could also be applied in Vietnam. Railways, highways and airports should be invested heavily for a leapfrogging Vietnam. In this perspective, the CPCG can satisfy all the need of Vietnam’s infrastructural construction.
Mr. Deng Mingkui introduced the plan of Vietnam infrastructural projects and affirmed the significant role that CPCG had played. He said last year, Vietnam has achieved a sound momentum in its economy with the high speedy growth of its GDP. Vietnam is now evolving rapidly and this has made a huge space for cooperation. He said that after the Spring Festival, he will lead the team to visit the headquarter of CPCG.
After the meeting, the Ambassador Mr. Deng Mingkui accompanied Mr. Yan Jiehe to visit the art gallery and introduced the artwork himself.
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