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The Tunnel Project of Haidong New Town in Dali, Yunnan
In April 2016, CPCG signed a Framework Agreement on Infrastructure Investment and Construction of RMB 100 billion with the Government of Dali Prefecture, which formally opened a new chapter of in-depth cooperation and common construction and common prosperity between Pacific Construction and Dali Prefecture. On May 16, 2016, the Poverty Alleviation Project of Yongping County, Dali Prefecture was successfully launched. Later, the projects were successively implemented in the places, such as Yunlong County, Nanjian County, Yangbi County and Weishan County.
Haidong New City is located in the east of Dali City, and it covers an area of about 700 km2. Although with a large area, it was really a “Barren Land” from the perspective of the local people before development. 

Haidong New City tunnel project was not only an inspection on the business strength of CPCG but also a test on the responsibility awareness and teamwork spirit of its staff.

In order to effectively grasp the law of stratum stability changes, prevent the accidents and dangerous situations, the construction team carefully inspected and confirmed the feasibility of preliminary support parameters to provide reference for different geological surrounding rocks to adopt the corresponding support parameters and provide the final stability information for the supporting and lining forms of surrounding rocks.Project Department had organized the construction scheme and technology discussions for many times and made the schemes one after another according to the local conditions with collective wisdom. Many construction methods, such as the multi-step construction, construction of next-door CRD method in crossing and single-side drift heading construction were adopted in the project. The innovative practice of Haidong New City tunnel construction provided the latest blueprint for local tunnel construction.

After the difficult construction of more than 2 years, six tunnels of the main roads in Haidong New City were fully connected, and the project passed the acceptance in one time and submitted a perfect answer paper to the Government of Haidong. Haidong totally ended the situation of inconvenient traffic and hard access, and became a livable city with smart life.
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